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                                              We will no longer be providing tea, coffee, sugar or any kind of welcome basket except for a bottle of wine*.    


                                              We will still be supplying a kitchen and toilet rolls and in the kitchen we will be providing liquid hand soap,                                hand sanitizer, washing up liquid, antibacterial spray, disinfectant and dishwasher tablets *.  We would recommend that all crockery and cutlery is washed in the dishwasher and will provide extra dishwasher tablets so that 2 washes per day can be done if necessary.


Cleaning will be done as usual but with extra time being spent on sanitizing surfaces and all items that are likely to be touched.  This may mean that some of the final touches we like such as neatly rolled towels or pristinely made beds may be slightly less perfect due to lack of time - but clean and as safe as possible.


Items that do not need to be touched such as pictures will not be routinely sanitized.  Ornaments, books, and games will largely be removed but a small selection of games and DVDs will be provided *.  We will have a small selection of books available to offer if you need one - please ask.


Each bed space will be provided with two pillows.  The front or top pillow, which will be in a quilted cover within the pillow case, will be brand new for each guest and you are very welcome to take yours home with you. (Indeed please do, though please leave the quilted cover and pillow case!). The under or bottom pillows will be switched on a weekly basis.


We would be grateful if guests would exercise caution when using cleaning products on delicate surfaces such as wood or varnish or on electrical items such as lamps of controllers.  Because of its potential to seriously damage furnishings and porcelain, we do not permit bleach in the property so please do not bring any. The disinfectant we provide meets the EN14776 requirement.


Our arrival time has been changed to 17.00 to accommodate the extra time that will be needed for cleaning and we would ask for patience if the cottage is still not ready at this time.


We have not changed our departure time and would ask that if possible, guests strip all bedding from beds that have been used and place it in a bag that will be provided.  Obviously if you are in a rush to leave, we will understand if this is not done. Please also leave the dishwasher running if necessary - we will empty it. We will come down at 10am to start the changeover so if you do leave earlier than this, a text would be much appreciated.


More detailed information relating to cleaning and sanitization will be available when you arrive at the cottage and we will be on hand should you need us or should you need additional items.  


Finally, many of you will have seen the sad news that Budgens supermarket burnt down recently and there is therefore no supermarket in the town. We are fortunate to be provided with a grocery shop, greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers and of course Bakers and Larners food hall, but the independent shops are tending to close much earlier than previously.  For those who wish to shop on the way, coming from the west there is Tesco’s,  Aldi and a large Morrison’s at Fakenham and to the east we have Tesco’s at Sheringham or in Cromer, Morrisons, Lidl, a large Co-op and a small Budgens.  Those of you who like to start with fish and chips on the first night of their holiday might like to note that many establishments are only supplying food pre-ordered on line. Please check the internet as this may change over time.



* These items will either be sanitized or each week, they will be changed for a separate set that is either brand new or has stood untouched for 72 hours.